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Welcome back Puff Daddy. This week the godfather of all things cool set the world on fire when he dropped his “Big Homie” record that features Rick Ross and French Montana. Even the teaser video was dope, loaded with cameos from a bevy of rap stars. It’s been a very long time since Puff was talking shit like this: “You a little man… Gary Coleman” so this will definitely be one of those records you remember. Maybe it’s because it’s vintage Puff, maybe it’s the features, or maybe it’s the beat… who knows?

In this week’s edition of “As The West Coast Burns” we have new artist TeeFlii with DJ Mustard on the beat, of course! The song “24HRS” features 2 Chainz and is guaranteed to be a hit for the homie Flii when the hot summer months start rolling in. DJ Mustard seems to be on, or producing, every 3rd song being played on the radio these days. One listen to “24HRS” and you’ll understand why.

Let’s just keep it out west with Problem’s latest banger “Too On To Be Off.” Problem has had hits already but this may take it to another level. I had to wipe my eyes twice when I saw his name on the production side of this track. The beat is guaranteed to move the crowd.

When I heard DJ Cassidy’s song “Calling All Hearts” (w/Robin Thicke and Jessie J) last month, I kind of figured a new album was on the way. DJ’s don’t just put out songs. After hearing his latest record “Make The World Go Around,” I know it’s happening. Sounds like Cassidy’s album will be full of pop music and club anthems. M.T.W.G.A is one of those 80’s sounding tunes with positive energy, a great message and oh! That’s right, R Kelly! Check it out.

I think Busta Rhymes or the legendary Chicago MC Twista pioneered rapping in double time. I have always been impressed with MC’s who can do this and put together a dope record that has meaning. This new track from up and coming rapper GoldLink, titled “Planet Paradise,” is one of those audibly delicious treats you have to rewind just to get it. And it only makes sense once you do…