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If your visceral reaction upon seeing some of these shoes was to banish them from your view by clicking the ‘x’ at the top of your browser, don’t worry–that was to be expected.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or shopper in this case, and these sandals are ones that may only appeal to those with a certain….aesthetic. The great thing about style is that it’s subjective, but before we attempt to make a case for the funky footwear you see above, first bookmark this page, and spare us a wasted breath of saying “we told you so.”

Spring has sprung and in most parts of the country, it’s almost time to store away the boots and give our toes some much-needed fresh air. If you’re anything like we are, you’ve already begun browsing for a pair of sandals you’ll want to slip into all season. If you haven’t, there are two trends you should consider checking out: the chunky sandals and the Birkenstocks.

The ’90s called, and they said they’re willing to lend us a shoe style that’s heavy on the nostalgia. There are two reasons to invest in a pair of chunky sandals: they’re super-duper comfortable and they give you extra height without the hassle of wearing heels. Seriously, at least try a pair on. You’ll be walking tall, but your feet will still be parallel to the ground. They’re perfect for the clumsy girl in you.

And yes, Birks are back, baby. If we can be completely honest, this cult classic makes us a little hesitant. But if they’re good enough for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, they’re good enough for us. Worn the right way, Birkenstocks are both casual, and, dare we say it, cool. Givenchy and Marc Jacobs are just a few designers who opted for comfort over couture on recent runways, and now these slides are starting to appear in a shoe store near you.

If you’re willing to try these trends on for size, browse our picks for every price range below.


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