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While we’re all worried about Drake dropping a new song, the Mississippi legislature has passed a bill that would allow people to use religion as justification to discriminate against gay people. And to think, we thought we won when the Arizona “right-to-discriminate” bill was vetoed. We have work to do. Read about the ridiculousness here…[ThinkProgress]

Remember that spoiled teen who sued her parents for tuition because they demanded she follow their rules while she lived under their roof? Well, looks like she can put that all behind her. Rachel Canning just received a college scholarship of $56,000 from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. And with that big sum, who needs parents? Read about it here…[Jezebel]

Brad Pitt is taking on one of America’s most pervasive issues — rape culture. It’s being reported that Pitt and Dede Gardner (12 Years a Slave) will produce a movie based on the true events of the infamous Steubenville rape and the hacker who brought the small town scandal to light. Read about the “Anonymous vs. Steubenville” project here…[HollywoodReporter]

Four people are being accused of holding a roommate hostage in a Philadelphia basement and forcibly tattooing him with racial slurs and obscene images. Two men and two women, aged 19 to 27, were charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, kidnapping and related counts. The 52-year-old victim was left with a dozen offensive tattoos as well as swollen eyes and bruised legs, ribs and torso. Read about it here…[HuffPost]

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