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On March 22, folks all around the world woke up, grabbed the NYTimes and saw a picture of a young college basketball player from Mercer named Kevin Canevari doing the Nae Nae, a dance made popular by Atlanta rap group We Are the Tombz. Inside the paper was an article about the dance, which in part focused on a Vine that quickly went viral after Mercer upset Duke 78-71 in the NCAA tournament:

Two weeks later and, yeah, we off that. The Nae Nae is already a thing of the past. The new dance everyone is talking about is the #Yeet. The dance has become immensely popular because of a young man named Lil Meatball. (That’s his Instagram name.)

The video was posted 14 days ago, and it already has over 200,000 retweets on Twitter.

The kid’s fame is rising.

Yesterday, SayCheese posted up an interview with the Dallas-native, where he talked about the dance he made famous:

A couple of things interesting about this video: first, he is extremely confident. In the interview, Lil Meatball says that “he’s coming” and he predicts that “he’ll be signing autographs.” Two: The 13-year-old also comes at Lil TerRio’s neck, saying that he can dance better than last year’s dance sensation.

Finally, the interviewer asked if he invented the Yeet: he was honest. He said no. Of course not. There have been a number of Yeet dance videos on the internet.

The first one uploaded to YouTube came from YouTube user MILIK FULLILOVE:

The video’s “About” is “Fuck the nae nae we yeet’n.” And while the young man in the video does the bicycle thing that Meatball does, he doesn’t do the infamous shotgun stance. After that initial dance video, rappers Quill and Showtime Showtime released a song called “Yeet.” In less than a month, the video has gotten over 200,00 views.

From there, a number of Yeet tutorials hit the net, the notable one being from MarQuis Trill, who was teaching people how to Yeet over the “Yeet” song.

Days later, Meatball would upload his Yeet, with the extra awesome-looking shotgun stance.

And speaking of that move: Twitter has had fun with Meatball’s extra move, creating a number of memorable memes with the stance:

And of course the one where he buries poor TerRio:

We can’t wait to see next week’s dance.