Nine-year-old Gia Perez was just another Spurs fan going to a game for the first time on Sunday. However, when she left the venue, she was known as the life of the party. Before the match against the Indiana Pacers started, the Spurs’ Team Energy hyped the crowd with their usual freestyle sessions. Gia hopped […] Silentó has had a crazy couple of years following the success of his 2015 single, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” Now, the teen rapper is dealing with some real life drama. According to the NWI Times, Silento was ordered by a United Arab Emirates court to pay $85,000 to local promoter Abdel Halim after allegedly […]

The NFL regular season has finally come to a close. And that means there'll be less dances on the field.

The good, the bad, the ugly, and every questionable moment.

While dancing may not be answer in all cases, we wish more officers would make efforts to defuse situations instead of drawing their weapons or escalating tensions.


The best way to tackle childbirth isn't deep breathing or a few calming words from your midwife -- it's the Nae Nae.

Riley Curry is possibly the coolest kid on the planet right now, and she’s not letting us forget that. With the upcoming season of the NBA approaching, we can only hope that the adorable daughter of Stephen Curry is already gearing up to steal the spotlight. During the off-season, the 3-year-old earned herself a new […]

Lil Wayne signed Drake years ago, but his signee has been making his way to the top of the charts in hits and even sale counts. With his success, it turns out that Weezy had to do a lot of convincing to get him to take the route that he did. He told ESPN radio in […]

Hillary Clinton has been working hard to the earn the votes of the country, but her latest stunt is a game-changer. The 2016 presidential candidate did an interview with Ellen DeGeneres for her talk show, where she addressed the personal email scandal, and many more essential topics. As the interview was wrapping up, Ellen and […]

Police across the nation have been getting a bad rap as of lately, so it’s good to see one engage with the community in a positive way. Officer James Ferrazo showed off his dance moves with a group of kids at a block party in Bed-Stuy. In the video above, Ferrazo is seen doing the “Nae Nae,” while the […]

Riley Curry just got served! The daughter of Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has inspired Leah Still to work on her dancing skills, specifically the


Disney’s Magic Kingdom has always been a go-to spot for kids to check out their favorite Disney characters, but now rap fans have a reason