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If there’s one person who could take on Target’s Photoshop controversy properly, it’s Ellen DeGeneres.

The retailer came under fire a few weeks ago after the Internets discovered a major Photoshop fail the store somehow allowed to slip through the cracks. The megastore put a badly Photoshopped model on their site selling swimwear. Unfortunately, buyers were unable to look past her overly exaggerated thigh gap and unnaturally long arms to even see the bikini being sold.

Ellen brought the model on the show to defend herself and clear up the controversy. What ensued, well, you kind of just have to see it for yourself!

Model Tanya Marie Keller hit the stage sporting a strange accessory. Check it out above.

Though Ellen gave viewers a lighthearted and refreshing view on the subject, we hope her message was loud and clear and the Photoshop fails stop.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | VIDEO CREDIT: Ellen.