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The judge that sentenced Yung Vito to 25 years in prison for aggravated assault and weapon possession that resulted in the death of Slim Dunkin is revoking that sentence, saying the rapper deserves a new trial.

Vito, real name Vinson Hardimon, shot Slim Dunkin, real name Mario Hamilton, at an Atlanta recording studio during a verbal altercation.

According to court documents, witness testimony and police reports, Hardimon and Hamilton were engaged in a physical altercation when Hardimon pulled out a handgun and shot Hamilton in the stomach, killing him with a single shot. During the trial Hardimon took the stand in his own defense and testified that he was in fear of his life because he believed Hamilton had a gun however no gun was found at the crime scene.

The presiding judge in the case cited in his ruling that it was not possible according to the law for Hardimon to be Acquitted of the serious charges of murder and manslaughter and be found guilty of the lessor counts because they are mutually exclusive offenses of the major charges.

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SOURCE: Hip Hop Enquirer | PHOTO CREDIT: Handout