While she generally reserves her Instagram posts for silly photos of her and her boo or adorable pictures of her little dude, Amber Rose decided to switch things up and drop a little knowledge on her followers yesterday. The model uploaded a video that gave her fans a little insight into what really matters in life.

In the video her man Wiz Khalifa can be heard jumping on the bed and making noises to get a laugh out of his son Sebastian, aka The Bash. Bash is shown in stitches at his pops antics.

Be warned: this video just may make you melt!

She captioned the video: “This is what matters in life. Good morning.”

Shortly after sharing the adorable video Amber shared an adorable side-by-side of Bash and Wiz, showing her followers which of his good-looking parents he gets most of his genes from.


Precious! Wiz & Amber’s Son The Bash’s Cutest Pics Ever (PHOTOS)
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