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If you shut your eyes and listen reallllly closely, you can hear the sound of the waves hitting the shore and taste the water of a fresh, young coconut on your lips. Ahhhh, refreshing, right?

Alright, let’s snap back to reality. Chances are you aren’t being whisked away to spend a few days beachside with your feet in the sand and the sun on your skin because you are not Beyoncé and you are not married to Jay Z, nor are you celebrating your sixth year anniversary in the Dominican Republic with said sand, sun and husband. Ugh. Can you tell how bitter we are right now?

As reality would have it, you’re probably stuck at school or work, staring outside of the window wondering why you can’t be frolicking on a tropical island somewhere or at least wishing you were outside enjoying the warm weather that has at long last finally arrived.

We can’t send you on the sunny vacay of your dreams, but we can help your wardrobe take you to paradise at the very least. Close enough, right?

We’ve rounded up our picks for some palm-tree friendly apparel inspired by not only Bey, but designers like Marc Jacobs, Marni and Prada whose Spring/Summer 2014 gave us a case of tropical fever during Fashion Week.

Ready to get away? Shop our picks below.

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