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If you ask Giuseppe Zanotti, Kanye West is actually a pretty sweey guy. In fact, the rapper, who we seldom see with a smile, has got quite the soft side somewhere behind that straight face of his that’s serving as inspiration for an upcoming capsule collection.

In order to celebrate his 20th anniversary, the Italian shoe designer is rolling out a line of six gold sandals, all of which are derived from personal memories of his, including a rehashing of his “Cruel Summer” sandals, which were inspired by a dinner with Yeezus himself.

What we would have given to be a fly on the wall during that meal.

The pair have become quite the fashionable friends since then, as evidenced by that one time they collaborated for ‘Ye’s Parisian Fashion Week debut.

Fashionista caught up with Zanotti during the launch of his collection, where he described what it’s like to work with the man who often gets a bad rap for his arrogant attitude, saying:

“The process was easy,” Zanotti said of working with West. “I met Kanye in Milan during a charity event. He’s very sweet, very sensitive and sometimes dangerous because he’s sensitive. He’s a good guy. Good heart. He’s a poet. We met twice and then he asked to come into my maison because he wanted to understand the process of [creating a] collection of shoes and design. We started with something elegant for his runway, then we did something else — sneakers — together. He taught me something, I taught him something. Also, I showed him my archives of records and he sang something for me, for my team. It was good synergy, exchange of sensation and love.”

See, guys, Kanye ain’t so bad, after all.

SOURCE: Fashionista | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram