Crocs can stir up some strong emotions, and a lot of them tend to be negative depending on who you ask. Comedic dancer Josh Killacky is trying to take away the stigma with some fire dance moves executed with the clunky shoes. Watch all that Crocs have to offer in the clip below!   Are you […]

As we’ve mentioned before, Vince Staples is the king of entertaining interviews. His dry sense of humor never fails to bring the awkward and he continues this shmood while promoting his new Converse sneakers. To up the awkwardness, he’s paired with an interviewer who’s just as dry, Brad Hall. Watch the hilarious YouTube personality and the […]

So apparently, a company is selling insoles that can add a few inches of height to a guy. They’re called altitude insoles and they can add up to 2 inches. They can fit into any shoe and you can customize how many inches you want to put on. Check them out below. Now that tall, dark […]

They appear to be high heels made out hooves, animal hide, and the barrel of a gun.

Whoever said style and social justice don’t mix must be living under a rock, because the most trendy and subtle way to protest against injustice is through your wardrobe. LeBron James is no stranger to using fashion to object to the corruption happening all over the world — and Tuesday night’s NBA season opener game […]

Dame Dash was spending M’s and popping tags before most rappers today were even born to speak about it about. As a sneakerhead, most of the Roc-A-Fell co-founder’s cash went to his super fly kicks. But these days, Dame is more interested in making money than being the flyesrt dude on the block. According to […]

Cardi B. is what you call a "natural-born hustler" and finally, all that hustlin' is paying off.

Most geniuses are ostracized when they reveal an innovative idea to the masses — which means LaVar Ball is the low-key genius he claims to be. On Sunday, the former NBA star revealed that he’s designing his own signature shoe, which will be worth at least $1,500. TMZ reports that Ball spilled the money-making tea […]

The rapstress went on a social media rant Friday morning, accusing Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti of "racism and disrespect."

As if things couldn't get any more divisive in America, now major companies are getting dragged into the drama.

If you've ever wanted to take a walk in Zendaya's shoes, here's your chance. Daya by Zendaya has arrived.