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As if things couldn’t get any more divisive in America, now major companies are getting dragged into the drama.

Just days after New Balance came under fire for claiming that a Donald Trump presidency would lead to good things for their company, Neo-Nazis have now claimed New Balance “The Official Shoes of White People.” Andrew Anglin, a White supremacist and founder of the website Daily Stormer, urged supporters to buy and wear the label’s sneakers.

After coming under fire for their alleged endorsement of Trump, Twitter let the shoe company have it. Folks even went so far as to burn their New Balances:

New Balance released a statement following the backlash:

The shoe company was forced to release a second statement after Anglin wrote on his popular website that New Balance is now apart of the Neo-Nazi uniform and that the company’s comments about Trump were “a gesture to support White people and to support US manufacturing.”

New Balance’s second statement read:


SOURCE: Washington Post 

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