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If you’ve ever wanted to take a walk in Zendaya‘s shoes, here’s your chance. Daya by Zendaya has arrived.

The ESSENCE cover girl just debuted her new footwear collection at Nordstrom. Daya boasts everything from sexy mesh sandals to pointed-toe pumps. The best part? You don’t have to burn a hole through your wallet to look fabulous.

“I want [everyone] to have shoes that feel luxurious and special and well-crafted and thought about,” Zendaya said to ELLE. “But also, they should have shoes that won’t break the bank.” 

Prices range from $80 to $110, and according to Zendaya, this may only be the beginning of her foray into fashion design.

Head over to Nordstrom to see the full collection.

Read more of what Zendaya shared with ELLE below.

On what inspired Daya:

“My older sister is a working mom. She’s busy. She chooses to spend money on her children. But she should be able to afford a good shoe for herself. My older niece is a college student. She’s going to start going on job interviews, and she needs a really good pair of shoes. My little nieces haven’t learned how to walk in heels yet, but they will. And they’ll need good ones. But it’s not just for women. Boys will be rocking my heels too, you know what I’m saying?”

On why she chose shoes:

I guess you could say it’s a controlled place to start. I didn’t want to give myself too much to quickly. When you begin with clothes, you’ve got tops, pants, dresses—so many layers! I wanted to keep it a little more specific. Plus I’m obsessed with shoes.

On what sets Daya apart:

“…the price point and the quality are very rare. I don’t want people thinking, ‘I got the look for less.’ I want them thinking, ‘I got the look!’ You know what I’m saying?”

SOURCE: US Weekly, ELLE | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

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