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Most geniuses are ostracized when they reveal an innovative idea to the masses — which means LaVar Ball is the low-key genius he claims to be.

On Sunday, the former NBA star revealed that he’s designing his own signature shoe, which will be worth at least $1,500. TMZ reports that Ball spilled the money-making tea during a live Instagram Q& A when a fan asked the outspoken dad when he was dropping his own pair of kicks.

Big Baller Ball answered, “I just don’t know when I’m coming out with it yet. ‘The LaVar-iccis!’ Holler at your boy! But I will give you a tip. Make sure you save your money because they’re gonna be $1,500 or more. Cause I’m gonna design them and they’re gonna be fly. My bad—they’re gonna be baller-ized.”

LaVar’s $1,500 shoes cost more than triple than his son Lonzo Balls $495 ZO2s  and almost four times LaMelo Ball‘s $395 MB1s.  No word on if the former athlete is serious about his expensive kicks or just trolling us.

Would you buy a pair of $1500 kicks? Watch LaVar Ball’s full live stream above.

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