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After failed searches via ships and airplanes, for the first time an underwater search will begin with submarine drones today. The U.S. navy drones have the ability to scale for wreckage 2.8 miles beneath the sea floor. Officials are hopeful that the drones will find the black box which is presumed to be dead. The drone will record any findings and take photographs if it senses any possible wreckage. [Chicago Tribune]

A Fact Sheet released by the U.S Department of State on Sunday has blasted Russia for their role with Crimea and Vladmir Putin’s government promoting hate and violence in Ukraine. The report lists several claims made by Russia stating that their government isn’t active in Ukraine and that the protests are to blame for high crime and rising death tolls. The U.S refuted Russia’s claims with proof that over 25,000 Russian troops are currently in Crimea with 35,000-40,000 troops remaining on Ukraine’s border. [IBT]

Megan Huntsman of Utah was arrested and charged with six counts of murder after seven dead babies were found in her home. Police say that Huntsman more than likely birth the babies from 1996-2006 and murdered them. The first baby was found in a cardboard by a family friend who says the woman moved out in 2011. Officials aren’t sure if the woman was married or had any other children. [ABC News

Oh, Florida. A woman was attacked outside of her home by a bear. The bear was rummaging through homeowner’s trash with four other bears. The terrified woman was dragged by one of the bears into her driveway. She was able to run inside while her husband called 911. Police announced that the bears are more than likely looking for food following the brutal long winter. [Jezebel]