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Lindsay Lohan has dropped a few bombshells throughout career, but her most recent spill has everyone surprised.

On the final episode of her OWN reality show, the actress revealed that she suffered a miscarriage during taping.

When asked to summarize her experience on the show, Lindsay replied:

“No one knows this. I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off.”

She continued:

“It’s a very long story, but that’s why on the show when it says she doesn’t want to come down, I couldn’t move, I was sick. Mentally, that messes with you.”

Lindsay didn’t identify the father of the child, but she did open up about the infamous “sex list.” The Mean Girls star confirmed the validity of her leaked sex partners list, and spoke out about the friend who released it to the public.

“That is a desperate human being and I hope they find some peace. Because anyone that’s willing to do that to someone else is really f***ed up in the head, and I don’t want that in my life.”

She claims she wrote the list as part of her counseling in rehab.

“That was part of my Betty Ford. It’s step number five, or number eight. It’s your sexual inventory and that was in my Betty Ford book, so that was really personal to my sponsor,” she said. “You write that for your sponsor.”

“When I was moving and I was in the Beverly Hills Hotel there  were two people there that helped me move. So someone took a photo. Took that photo and released that.”

We hope Lindsay finds peace and continues to stay sober.


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