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Donald Sterling is in muddy waters after a conversation, that allegedly exposes his hatred for black people, surfaced on the internet yesterday.

Many people are completely outraged by the comments – which include begging his girlfriend not to associate with black people and minorities – and tons of celebrities, activists, and politicians are taking action, refusing to put any of their money into the Clippers organization as long as he is still owner.

According to TMZ, the NBA commissioner spoke with the press, stating that Sterling has agreed to skip out on the next Clippers’ playoff game because of the backlash he’s receiving.

The site reports:

During his news conference in Memphis … the commish was surprisingly strong and deliberate with his words — calling Sterling’s comments on the tape … “truly offensive and disturbing. “

Silver said the league hopes to have its investigation wrapped up in the next few days — and said they would interview Sterling and his gf V. Stiviano … and attempt to understand the context of the recording.

He added that Sterling deserves a fair chance to present his side of the story … and as a result the league was not prepared to even discuss any potential sanctions.

Even though the commissioner stated that they plan to question Sterling’s girlfriend, who’s voice can allegedly be heard on the tape, TMZ also reports that she refuses to answer any questions.

V. Stiviano doesn’t want to be involved in the case as of right now, but not because of the tape – it’s because she is currently involved in a case with Sterling’s estranged wife, and it concerns embezzled money.

The site reports:

A rep from the law office representing V. Stiviano tells TMZ … they heard NBA Commissioner Adam Silver state his intention to interview Stiviano, but that’s not going to happen right now.  We’re told her lawyer, Mac Nehoray, will not allow her to answer questions about pending litigation against his client filed by Sterling’s estranged wife.

Shelly Sterling claims in her lawsuit Stiviano embezzled $1.8 million by scheming to get as much as she could from an old man — Donald Sterling.  Stiviano claims everything she got was a gift.

Nehoray says her refusal to talk to the Commish has nothing to do with the audio tape … he believes talking to Silver would get in the way of her defense in the lawsuit.

Tons of celebrities have spoke out against Sterling’s comments, including President Obama, Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and more. Check out some of the responses below. Lil’ Wayne

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