One of President Obama’s staffers was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on her boyfriend after suspecting him of cheating.

WWE decided to officially lend the name “Submission Sorority” to a group of their Divas, a pretty risky move and potentially XXX mistake. The new nickname, which was unveiled during Monday Night Raw, might be pretty badass at first glance, but there’s something else… unique, about the choice. Here’s the issue – if you type “Submission Sorority” into Google, […]


V. Stiviano, the woman who last year leaked evidence of racism by former Clippers owner Donald Sterling, has to pay Sterling’s wife back $2.6 million for the gifts the mogul dropped on Stiviano during their marriage, a judge ruled on Tuesday. The Washington Post outlines a number of gifts Donald Sterling lavished on his girlfriend V. […]

  Last year, V. Stiviano became the face of the media after an audio recording of former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling making offensive and racist remarks in a conversation with her leaked to the web. Although no one knew what exactly happened with their relationship, as Sterling was still dealing with his estranged wife Shelly […]

The Lakers may run Los Angeles, but Blake Griffin is looking real royal in his blue suit on the cover of GQ magazine. “Nothing we can ever do will ever take away from their history,” the Clippers power forward says about his team inside the issue. For the front page, he’s all smiles, but in his interview he […]

Atlanta Hawks owner Bruce Levenson is no Donald Sterling. Much has been made about an email Mr Levenson sent to his Hawks front office in 2012. In the email Bruce Levenson enquires with his staff, including General Manager Danny Ferry, about how the Hawks can attract a more diverse fan base; in particular, the 35-55 […]

Bruce Levenson, the owner of the Atlanta Hawks since 2004, has announced he is selling the NBA franchise after a racially charged email he penned emerged. Levenson is the second owner of a professional basketball team to come forward and sell his share in light of racist comments this year. He informed NBA commissioner Adam Silver of […]

The world’s been waiting for the truth about V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling‘s relationship. Could this be it? According to a new lawsuit filed by V., the former Los Angeles Clippers owner is gay and his wife Shelly was not only aware of her husband’s sexual orientation, she played a part in helping him hide […]


A 16-year-old student in Nagasaki, Japan was arrested after police found her classmate’s dismembered body in her apartment. The student allegedly confessed to police that she had sawed off her classmate’s head and hand after beating the 15-year-old victim, Aiwa Matsuo, with a hammer and strangling her with a rope. Police are currently investigating the gruesome […]

According to Ukraine’s military, pro-Russian rebels shot down two Ukrainian fighter jets in Eastern Ukraine on Wednesday. A military spokesman said the two Sukhoi-25 fighters were downed around 1:30 p.m. local time near Savur Mogila. No details were known about the pilots, but Ukrainian defense officials said the planes may have been carrying up to two crew members each. The incident […]