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A 16-year-old student in Nagasaki, Japan was arrested after police found her classmate’s dismembered body in her apartment. The student allegedly confessed to police that she had sawed off her classmate’s head and hand after beating the 15-year-old victim, Aiwa Matsuo, with a hammer and strangling her with a rope. Police are currently investigating the gruesome murder, and its possible connection to some incriminating posts on the popular Japanese forum “2Channel.” Read about it here…[Gawker]

After a long tiresome battle with husband Donald Sterling, Shelly Sterling is finally able to sell the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion. Although Shelly may think the war is over, Donald’s lawyers say this is just one battle lost in a war they plan to keep fighting. A California judge ruled Monday that the deal to sell the NBA team for a record-breaking price tag can move forward. The ruling is expected to become final in about 10 days. After that, Donald Sterling and his lawyers are allowed to enter their objections to the judgment, which they have already planned to do. Although Sterling has high hopes for his planned appeal, legal analyst Sunny Hostin says it is unlikely that Sterling’s lawyers will succeed. Read about it here… [CNN]

What U.S. Army Major Tony Wingfield found at the bottom of his drink will make you sick to your stomach. Wingfield decided to go to a Popeye’s restaurant drive-thru right across from the Lewis-McChord base in Washington during his lunch break, only to find two anti-bacterial wipes at the bottom of his cup after taking a couple sips and gagging shortly after. Wingfield stumbled to a nearby sink, and that’s when he discovered the wipes inside of his drink. That night, Wingfield was rushed to the hospital. The disgusted patron filed a complaint with the local Popeye’s who then issued a statement that was less than apologetic. Read about it here. [KATU]


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