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WWE decided to officially lend the name “Submission Sorority” to a group of their Divas, a pretty risky move and potentially XXX mistake. The new nickname, which was unveiled during Monday Night Raw, might be pretty badass at first glance, but there’s something else… unique, about the choice. Here’s the issue – if you type “Submission Sorority” into Google, you don’t typically find WWE’s Paige, Becky, and Charlotte. In fact, you’ll be directed to a number of links for a porn series called HazeHer, produced by BangBros…Oops?

Sony Pictures officially set its slate through 2017. The company plans on producing two more films in the Bad Boys franchise, a remake of Jumanji, the first installment in The Dark Tower franchise, and sci-fi romance Passengers. Here’s the best news: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will both be starring in Passengers (insert gasp here).

The 2012 thriller Sinister, a film so haunting that it inspired Sinister 2is screening in theaters around the nation all throughout August. Find out when and where the movie is playing near you hereand catch the screening before Sinister 2 hits theaters on August 21, 2015.

NBC’s new comedy Mr. Robinson premiered last night on Wednesday, August 5th at 9 p.m. The series follows Craig Robinson as he juggles his band, The Nasty Delicious, and a job substitute teaching. If you didn’t catch the first episode last night, check out the promo above and tune in from now on every Wednesday night on NBC.

Donald Sterling, former owner of the L.A. Clippers, filed for divorce from his wife of nearly 60 years Wednesday, and let’s just say this split is…complicated. The two are battling over ownership of the team, though their official date of separation goes back to August 1st, 2012. It should be interesting to see if the two actually go through with it, considering all the mess the paperwork is causing. Sterling’s wife Shelly has yet to comment on the matter, but you can listen to ESPN’s take on the divorce above.

SOURCE: TMZ, Variety, Sinister Screenings, ESPN | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Twitter

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