K Camp and Bughuul team up to scare some unsuspecting victims who thought they were interviewing the rapper about his new record.

On this week's Extra Butter with BlogXilla, we go inside a demonic movie franchise, chat with Charlie Brown's Black friend, and give you

WWE decided to officially lend the name “Submission Sorority” to a group of their Divas, a pretty risky move and potentially XXX mistake. The new nickname, which was unveiled during Monday Night Raw, might be pretty badass at first glance, but there’s something else… unique, about the choice. Here’s the issue – if you type “Submission Sorority” into Google, […]

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from a two-week hiatus on Monday following Jimmy’s freak-accident hand injury, which he explains in the video above. Fallon suffered a fall, during which his wedding ring got caught on a table and resulted in quite an injury, giving “getting hitched” new meaning. Jimmy was in the ICU for […]

Director David Ayer is currently working on his next big film, Suicide Squad, which is apparently just as dark as it sounds. In fact, the storyline (based on the DC Comics) is so heavy, that Ayer hired an on-set therapist to prevent his all-star cast from taking their work home. Adam Beach, who plays Slipknot in the […]