Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson celebrates 50 years of life today. We celebrate his life and AAPI Heritage Month with a gallery of his hottest photos inside.

We are so sad to report the sudden and shocking death of WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard.

Former UFC superstar Ronda Rousey hit the WWE Elimination chamber to sign her Monday Night Raw contract over the weekend. Let’s just say things didn’t go quite as expected for legend Triple H. Press play. Will you be tuning in?

These days, you have to be careful about what you say and how you say it, especially when it comes to the topic of race. WWE star Cameron is regretting her candid comments about her dating preference after being dragged on social media. As you may recall, the Black female wrestler, whose real name is Ariane […]

TMZ recently caught up with ex-WWE star Cameron, whose real name is Ariane Andrew,  and discovered some interesting things about her dating life. She doesn’t date Black guys. “I don’t know I just have a thing for White boys,” she said. Andrew, who is Black, also said that a mix of “vanilla and chocolate” makes for “cute […]

The collection brings past and present wrestlers from the '90s and 2000s to your feet.

Authorities fear WWE legend Chyna's death may have been a result of a prescription overdose

It’s been 32 years since WWE’s Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka faced the death of his girlfriend at the time, Nancy Argentino. Back in May of 1983, the Hall of Famer called an ambulance for his girlfriend, where he claimed to authorities that she slipped and hit her head when she went to pee after he pulled […]

Hulk Hogan is finally speaking out about the racist remarks he made in an audio transcript that leaked in July.