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Hulk Hogan is finally speaking out about the racist remarks he made in an audio transcript that leaked in July.

The audio happened back in 2007, when the WWE wrestler used offensive language about a guy that his daughter Brooke was dating. Hulk Hogan recently told PEOPLE Magazine:

“I’m a good person. I’m not a racist. I made one horrible mistake.”

The “horrible mistake” cost Hulk a few relationships both personally and professionally, including the one with WWE. He was also wiped from the World Wrestling Entertainment’s Hall of Fame last month.

He continued:

“My anger was directed towards Brooke. It wasn’t a racial slur against him. If anyone was going to kick me to the curb or have nothing to do with me, it would be my daughter.She came to me with nothing but love and said, ‘Dad, I love you so much.'”

Hulk admits that the dark situation did at least help him get closer to his estranged family. He also revealed that his use of the N-word was influenced by how he grew up:

“When I grew up, it was something that was inherited generation after generation. That was part of my daily environment.”

But he admits that he’s learned a lot from the situation, telling PEOPLE:

“Behind this dark cloud is going to be this huge shiny blessing and I’m going to get help people with this. I get to explain to them that even in the locker room when you’re talking smack, it’s not cool. I would love to see it taken out of the dictionary. What I have learned is that I’ve got this huge built in support system with all the people that have known me, watched me and worked with me. They know that just this one instance is not who I am.”

Hulk also appeared on Good Morning America Monday to beg for forgiveness. Check out the intense interview above.


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