racial slur

Twitter user @katvondawn wants you to know it is not OK to refer to the people of Alaska as “Eskimos.” If you didn’t know, the term is a slur, native Alaskan tribes are offended by it, and you should be offended by it too. Here’s why: Are you guilty of using the slur? After reading this, […]

The 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had multiple mishaps, one being a model’s recorded runway fall and the backlash that followed. Now it seems like more controversy is surfacing when a video emerged of models jamming to Cardi B‘s “Bodak Yellow.” All is well until one line comes up: “I don’t wanna choose/And I’m quick, […]

Walmart came under heat recently due to a third party’s racist choice of words used on their website. A cap was listed for sell and instead of using words like dark brown or tan to describe the color, the vendor used “n*gger brown.” Yup, that’s right. Someone got really brave that upload day. One Full […]

The teens claim the act was intended to be a joke for one of the girls' boyfriends, who is Black.

Hulk Hogan is finally speaking out about the racist remarks he made in an audio transcript that leaked in July.

A black woman, in the neighborhood of Chevy Chase, Maryland, woke up to a disturbing racial slur spray painted across her garage door yesterday morning. On MLK Day, a neighbor was walking by her home, when they noticed the phrase, “N**** go home” was painted in red letters on her property, and alerted her immediately. […]

Things have gone from bad to worse for Justin Bieber. Just three days after apologizing for a 2009 video that surfaced of the heartthrob using the N-word several times and making jokes about black people, another video clip has emerged of Bieber singing about the KKK. The clip shows a 15-year-old Bieber singing his hit song “One Less Lonely […]