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Gabrielle Union has come a long way to becoming one of the most respectable women in Hollywood and recently she has been making strides with every move she makes.

Between her title role on the successful BET drama Being Mary Jane, becoming engaged to long-time boyfriend Dwanye Wade, bravely opening up about surviving a sexual attack when she was 19-years-old, and let’s not forget her powerful speech at the Essence’s Black Women In Hollywood event last year, Union has proven that while she while appear to be a complex individual she’s truly just a regular person with a story (that everyone should listen to) to tell.

Union graced the cover of Vegas Magazine for their May/June issue and opened up about her life as a mean girl, learning from her mother, and even called her future hubby a “groomzilla”.

Check out some of the highlights of the interview below.

On being feeling like an outsider:

“My dad told me, ‘You gotta be bigger and badder and better than the next woman, just to be considered even.’ I felt like I had to become a chameleon [in high school]. Even as a popular girl, I was always looking through the window and very afraid of being exposed. I just wanted to assimilate and fit in.”


On being a “mean girl”:

“We live in a town that rewards pretending. I used to revel in gossip and rumors. I lived for the negativity inflicted upon my sister actresses, or anyone whose shine I felt diminished my own. I took joy in people’s pain, and I tap-danced on their misery.”

On Dwayne Wade being a “groomzilla”:

“Well, it will be smaller than the one in the movie, but it’s definitely not toned down, per the wishes of my groomzilla. D’s very involved in every detail. My dude is having a princess moment. Me? I did the wine tasting, and I’ve said yes to the dress. In fact, I’ve said yes to a few of them. That’s the joy of getting married to a man who loves clothes and wardrobe changes: You can have more than one dress.”


On learning from her mother: 

For years I didn’t get her,” she says. “But it was my mom who got up the courage to walk away after 30 years of an unhappy marriage. She handled her divorce with dignity, and she never asked my father for a dime. As her daughter, I asked, ‘Why? You’re gonna start over?’ And she said, ‘I went from my father’s house to your father’s house. I want to get my own house.’ I learned a valuable lesson: Take the high road and move on.”

On making mistakes: 

Still, I make mistakes. And my life is in process. But I know certain things. I feel a responsibility to the people I work with. So I don’t do late. I don’t do bad attitude. I don’t do ‘Those eggs aren’t right.’ You don’t fall out. Come prepared. You be a decent human being. And it’s like Will Smith told me: ‘Family first.’ Nothing comes before family.”


Check out the whole interview here.


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