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While just about everyone who’s anyone has responded to the racist statements made by Donald Sterling, he’s remained silent in the whole matter until now.

During an exclusive interview with DuJour, Sterling told them how he felt about the audio leaking:

“I wish I had just paid her off.”

Although that’s all we’ve heard from Donald Sterling so far, he did do a small interview with Barbara Walters this past week, but didn’t let them film anything on camera. He also spoke to Anderson Cooper briefly but the famed news anchor didn’t get much out of him.

According to TMZ, Sterling said that he “wasn’t prepared” for the interviews, although his ex V. Stiviano did a lengthy sit-down with Walters on camera.

The site reports:

V. Stiviano did sit for a LONG interview with Walters, telling Babs she does NOT believe Sterling is a racist and saying the 15 minutes of audio were “taken out of context.”  She also said there was a 3rd person in the room when she recorded Sterling and he KNEW he was being recorded. We’re told poor Anderson walked away with zilch.

We swore this couldn’t possibly get any worse but maybe we spoke to soon.

Weird as it may be, TMZ has a photo of Donald Sterling willingly taking a photo with a black model yesterday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills.

According to the site:

We’re told Donald had some wine at the table and was little tipsy, when he got up to leave and a beautiful black model named Jasmine and her boyfriend got up from the bar and followed him to the front of the restaurant.

We’re told Jasmine asked Sterling if she could take a photo with him, and he responded, “I’m not that popular right now.  Are you sure?’  Jasmine said she was game, and her boyfriend — who is white and Jewish — snapped away.

Not only did he take the photo, he flirted. Jasmine also reveals that Sterling told her “how beautiful she was” as “he put his hands around her several more times.”

She explains:

“He was definitely checking me out.  He wasn’t really looking at my face that much.”

Before adding her take on the issue:

“It’s 2014.  I feel that everyone is a little bit racist and comedians joke about it all the time.  But yeah, I do think he’s racist.”

We’ll keep you updated. Click here to view Sterling’s photo with the model.


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