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God’s always willing to listen.

Surprisingly, Kanye West took the time out to listen to an aspiring rapper freestyle for him while in New York City. The lucky kid caught Kanye taking a late night stroll with his fiancée Kim Kardashian and her good friend Jonathan Cheban.

As Kanye and Kim walked arm-in-arm together, you can hear the kid tell Kanye, “I’ve been working on my sh*t, just trying to get better at it.” Kanye nods in approval, and the kid fires off a freestyle. As the group arrives to ‘Ye’s Soho apartment, Kanye opened the door for Kim and Jonathan, but waited as the kid finished rapping.

The usually stone cold rapper warmed up towards the end, giving the kid a smile and a handshake, stating, “That sounded good, but I’m about to get some sleep, yo.”

As many people may know, Big Sean did the same thing for Kanye a few years back when he stopped by a Detroit radio station. A little courage and some great bars could get you a record deal with Yeezus.

Watch Kanye give the kid a chance over at TMZ.