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Yaaaassss bitch, yaaassssss! You better WERK (with an E)!

Don’t know about you all, but ever since Nicki Minaj released her Soulja Boy-produced banger “Yaaasss Bitch,” we’ve been sounding like a ratchet broken record by repeatedly chanting “yaaaassss, bitch yassssss,” and looking like Patti LaBelle in the gif below.

Nicki and Soulja Boy definitely went off on this song, so we decided to provide you with a little visual stimulation of how to best express your “YAAASSS” face.

Like most things, there are levels to this sh*t, so take note and get it right!

YAAAASSSSSSSS yourself to death down under.

1. The “Yaaasss I Can’t Believe This Is Real Life” Face  

2. The “Yaaaaaaasss, Girlah You Ohhh Killin’ It” Face 

3. The Dramatic Yet Simple “YAAAASSSS BITCH, YASSSSSSSS!” Face 

4. The “Joyful, Joyful We Exalt Thee Yaaaassss!” Face

 5. The “Euphoric Ain’t No Mountain (Or Note) High Enough” Yaaaaaaaasss

 6. The “Simple YAAASSSS” Face 

7. The “Bourgeoisie Honey Child YASSSS” Face 

8. The “Praise Him (In Church Alto Pitch) Yasssssss” Face

9. The “Certified Yaaaasssss” Face Paired With A Neck Roll 

10. The “Flared Nose Meets Duck Lip YASSSSSSS” Face 

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Gif Soup

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