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The highly anticipated third season of Love & Hip Hop: ATL premiered last night on VH1 and the cast wasted no time getting to the drama. But if we’re honest, that’s why we love the Atlanta franchise!

Before the first episode aired, Stevie J and his wife Joseline Hernandez hit up V103 to chat with Big Tigger and of course, Mimi Faust’s sex tape came up.

The sit down was full of laughs – from the very beginning Stevie was all the way turnt up, eventually taking off his shirt as he and Joseline grinded to her new song, not to mention the entire conversation was laced with Mimi and Nikko slander.

For example, as they invited everyone out to Suite Lounge for last night’s official Love & Hip Hop: ATL viewing party, Stevie turned to Joseline and said:

“I’m so proud of you baby. I love you so much because, you know everybody expected you to be the one to go and jump off the cliff and do something crazy.

That was just a taste of what Stevie had in store though. Just as Joseline introduced her new single, “La Negra,” Stevie screamed:

“We selling music, not porn baby! Let’s get it baby!”

When Tigger wanted to know if Stevie’s sent his ex an evil text or left a crazy voicemail after finding out about the tape situation, Stevie – whose calls are currently being ignored by Mimi – had this to say:

Nah. I don’t see myself doing anything like that, you know what I’m saying? I’m just gon’ do what I’m gon’ do man. My daughter’s the most important thing to me – you know, way over her. It’s like I kind of cared last year but after you did this… you showed me your mind ain’t right, so you might need some psych evaluations or something ma. ‘Cause you too old to be doing that. Not to say making sex tapes ’cause, you know, we all do it. I got some moments I never wanna ever miss. You know what I’m saying? So at the end of the day, I get that. I get that. I get that. But ma, you know, what happened to the cleaning business?What happened to the other businesses?

He goes on to compare Mimi and Joseline’s intelligence, saying Joseline is smart business-wise, but as for Mimi:

“… everybody ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

Gotdamn. We all know Stevie’s mouth can get a little crazy but who knew Mimi would ever be on the other side of it? Check out Stevie and his Puerto Rican princess as they address the sex tape via the video above.

Shit got real.


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