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By now, most of the internet has watched the Vine of a girl getting clobbered over the head with a shovel and the many memes and parodies that have followed.

Like this one.

And yes, it’s OK to laugh, if this type of thing is funny to you. Because according to Deadspin, shovel girl victim is doing just fine.

But the police aren’t as amused as the internet. In fact, they’ve launched an investigation into the incident, according to TMZ:

A rep for the Miami County Sheriff’s office in Ohio tells TMZ … they’ve assigned a deputy to investigate after they were contacted by the girls’ high school. Maj. Steve Lord tells TMZ … the girl who threw the shovel could be charged with assault or disorderly conduct.

Yikes. Well they may want to watch the entire 8-minute video before they start distributing charges. Seems to us both parties are equally guilty.

But on second thought…a shovel is one hell of a weapon. Check it out below:

SOURCE: TMZ, Deadspin | VIDEO SOURCE: Vine, YouTibe