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A Howard University student took to social media to document the police brutality he says he experienced during a traffic stop in Washington, D.C.

Jeremy Gordon, 27, posted the above picture to his Instagram, pleading with followers to share his story in an effort to curb the excessive force often used by police officers. He paired the graphic photograph with this caption:

**PSA** {Please Share} For those that don’t know me, my name is Jeremy Gordon. I am a rising senior finance major at Howard University located in Washington DC and—>>This is what police brutality looks like…I stopped my car after seeing police lights, they yelled for me to get out of the car (several 7th district MPD wash dc). Before I was able to fully get out, I was snatched from the wheel, thrown to the ground to be then handcuffed, THEN (while handcuffed) punched 3 times in my left eye, pepper sprayed, and dragged to my feet. People, this isn’t justice. It’s not about being black, it’s not about being white. It’s about standing up for OUR rights as humans, to demand that we are treated as we were born to be. I did absolutely nothing to deserve this episode of police brutality…nothing. I need everyone that everyone to repost this pic, like this pic, tweet this pic, Facebook this pic, show your grandmother this pic, etc…this story has to go viral so that people across the nation are aware of the excessive police force that needs to be immediately addressed.

Gordon later told News4 that he was with his girlfriend last Sunday when Metro Police officers pulled him over at the intersection of Suitland Parkway and Firth Sterling SE.

Gordon says the officers yelled at him to get out of the car, and he says before he got the chance, he was pulled out, thrown on the ground, handcuffed, punched and pepper-sprayed.

“I did nothing to them,” Gordon said. “I asked for none of this. I was hit three times. This was an intentional blow to my eye.”

He says when the officers saw his car had New York plates, one of them said to him, “Welcome to Washington.”

But police are painting a different story. Documents say Gordon was weaving in and out of traffic. When he was pulled over, police say the student punched an officer. All of which Gordon denies.

“All that stuff is lies,” Gordon said. “Lies, lies, lies.”

He was charged with assaulting a police officer. But the pictures, showing the brutalities of excessive force, may counter what cops are alleging. We’ll keep you updated with the latest in Gordon’s case.


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