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“Is Lotion A Black Thing?” 

When we first read the title above on Twitter, we thought it was a joke, but we quickly found out the correlation between lotion and blackness was being explained on The Root.

Apparently, a viewer wrote into the Culture Editor, Jenee Desmond-Harris, asking if “white people get ashy?” and why white people don’t use lotion at the rate or frequency of black people?

Well, to answer the first question, white people DO get ashy, but our fellow GlobalGrind colleagues of the Caucasian persuasion have confirmed they DO NOT use lotion as much as their black counterparts.

Let’s face it, black people may have a slight obsession with staying moisturized, but only out of necessity.

To kind of poke fun at the idea that only black people use lotion, we decided to list 12 reasons why lotion and black people go hand-in-hand.

Of course, this post is all in jest. So enjoy yourself, and remember not to get all sensitive.

1. They Don’t Want To Look Like This Guy 

2. Obviously, to maintain moisture and keep skin soft.

3. Because that’s what we’ve been taught….to spread love & lotion. 

4. We have no other choice. It’s either lotion, petroleum jelly, or baby oil.  No matter the choice, you have to moisturize. 

5. Just in case we need to slap sense into someone. 

6. Ummm… well…you see the gif below (But this applies to all races)

7. It smells glorious (if you choose the right brand) 

8. So we don’t get berated by our peers…

9. … Or our mamas.

10. Did we mention, that black people don’t want to look like the guy to the far right already?

11. Never want anyone to wish them farewell by referring to them as the “A” word – ashy.

12. We believe the statement made by Mariah Carey to be the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. lol 

But at the end of the day we’re all the same. Every race has dry skin and has the potential to get “ashy,” but it’s just more apparent on darker complexions.


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