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Can you feel that? The sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, a freezing cold piña colada in your hand? That’s the feeling of summer right there.

And with Memorial Day (AKA the unofficial start of summer) right around the corner, we’re finding it very difficult to focus on anything but breaking out of the office and going to the beach. We were starting to worry that swimsuit season would never come, but alas, Mother Nature has FINALLY decided to give us a break and a few sun rays.

Even though it seems like spring has just sprung in some parts of the country, we’d be lying if we said we haven’t already started swimsuit shopping months ago. Premature or proactive? You be the judge. Either way, we’re ready–and we want you to be, too. So, we’ve rounded up 10 bathing suits–from one-piece wonders to teeny weeny two-pieces–that are anything but basic.

Lather up in that sunscreen, grab a pair of sunglasses, and shop some of our favorite swimsuits with just one click down below.