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President Obama didn’t forget his troops during Memorial Day weekend, making a surprise visit to Afghanistan to visit them. POTUS brought along country star Brad Paisley via Air Force One, to put on a special performance for over 30,000 soldiers. According to reports, he slipped quietly out of the White House and was able to make a completely unannounced appearance in the Middle Eastern country. The good news is that many of these troops are set to come back home by the end of the year. [Gawker]

A shooting occurred at a Myrtle Beach oceanfront hotel in South Carolina, leaving three people dead and one injured. Authorities arrived on the scene around 11 PM, shortly after shots were fired on the popular tourist destination’s boardwalk. Two men and one women were amongst those who died from the gunshots, while the fourth is currently in the hospital and the victim’s condition is unknown. So far, there is no word on what the motive was for the shooting, and no arrests have been made. [Chicago Tribune]

A 99-year-old woman has finally received her college degree from Beal College, which comes 75 years after she graduated from the school. Reports say that Jessie White never received her degree because she could not afford the the transcript fee, which was just paid by the school’s president so that she could get her degree. White got her degree while in her wheelchair, which she is bound to after being stricken with polio just before her first birthday. [Daily Mail]


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