Chance The Rapper recently received an honorary doctorate degree from Dillard University, but he isn’t the only rapper that can say he’s a fire emcee and degree holder. Check out these other rappers who have their college degrees.

Let’s face it — college isn’t for everyone. But in our current cultural climate, education is the most powerful tool to resist. Thankfully, education is diverse  and if you don’t want to attend an Ivy League college, there are plenty of HBCUs that could be perfect for you. Many celebrities have gone this route — even Chance […]

Earlier today, Kanye West was recognized by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for his impact in hip-hop, music, and art overall, earning himself an honorary doctorate degree. The “All Day” rapper and super-producer was given the degree from the college, where he followed it up with a full-length speech that was nothing […]

President Obama didn’t forget his troops during Memorial Day weekend, making a surprise visit to Afghanistan to visit them. POTUS brought along country star Brad Paisley via Air Force One, to put on a special performance for over 30,000 soldiers. According to reports, he slipped quietly out of the White House and was able to make […]