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Lil Wayne was in rare form for Memorial Day Weekend.

The YMCMB rapper – who really dislikes it when people question the contents of his cup – was spotted having a grand time at Nikki Beach in Cannes, France with a few his labelmates. Weezy was seen smoking, drinking and dancing, reminding us of the old Wayne that chanted catchy hooks like “Dr-Drop it like it’s hot” for Cash Money Records.

Though the 31-year-old superstar made some lasting memories over the weekend, he was not above making a few ugly ones, possibly reigniting the beef between Lil Twist and Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

After stepping off his private jet, Wayne pulled Twist to the side and said:

“Ay yo straight up, this my nigga Twist right here. I heard that they got a bitch ass nigga named Scooter that be running with my lil brother Justin Bieber. If you running with that lil – that’s my little brother Justin Bieber. I heard this bitch ass nigga Scooter talking shit about my little brother (points to Twist).”

Wayne then started going off, declaring:

“Anything you gotta say, when you see us say it in my motherfucking face and if you happen to say it in my motherfucking face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words… I’ma put them bitches on your tombstone.”

TMZ reports:

The bad blood between Braun and Twist goes back to last summer. We broke the story … sources said Scooter blamed Twist for being a bad influence on Bieber. Twist ultimately moved out of JB’s Calabasas home.

What’s not clear … is why Lil Wayne’s all riled up about it now.

We’ve reached out to Braun … so far no comment.  But it’s pretty clear Justin’s got his manager’s back. He just posted 2 pics showing him and Scooter hugging it out with the caption, “All love.”

Check out the photos of Wayne partying it up in Nikki Beach above and for the full video of Weezy’s threat, click here.

P.S. Did you notice Weezy cut his locks?


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