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Retired NBA baller-turned-rapper Stephen Jackson recently took few moments to stop by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to talk about family, Donald Sterling, gays in the locker room, and how he keeps his rap game tight.

The 36-year-old former Clippers player spoke about giving his all and putting God first as the key to success in everything – his newfound rap career included. One of his singles,“America Da Beautiful (Letter To Mr. Sterling),” actually discusses the popular and racial controversial topic of Donald Sterling.

Jackson explains that the reason he chose to address Donald Sterling in the song is because he used to play for the team and knew that none of the other players had the courage to speak up.

“It’s easy to say what you would do on the outside looking in, but I was on that team and I know I wouldn’t have played. I’ve never heard anything about the owner before that incident even came out, but me, I know I wouldn’t have played. I wouldn’t have even put on that uniform, and that was actually my opportunity to speak out about it.”

One thing that’s for sure? The rapper Jackson is nothing short of confident. He now has three mixtapes and is more than ready to take over the hip-hop industry.

Watch this video for more details on Stephen’s journey during his rap career and the heights he plans to reach.