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T-Pain stopped by the Hot 97 Morning Show with Ebro and Rosenberg this week and dropped a bombshell.

“Teddy Penderassdown” has already spent around $2.4 million of his money in the strip club. He said he spends so much time in the booty bars…

“I literally have a parking space at all the strip clubs in Atlanta.”

Later on in the interview, Rosenberg asked how much the “Up Down” singer spent in his lifetime. T-Pain admitted that on an average night, he blows about $2,000 in the strip club and has gone to the strip joints about 150 nights a year for the past eight and a half years. After pulling out the calculator, the math comes out to around $2.4 million.

“I don’t think I have a problem, I just like to have fun,” Mr. Pain said.

T-Pain wasn’t kidding when he said he was in love with a stripper. Watch the full interview above.

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