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Man, kids in Florida can be such dicks.

For “Meanwhile, in Florida” this week, we look at a student who drew an obscene object into his school’s grass, an appropriately-titled sex ring, and huge holes in the ground.

So, leggo.

Florida’s Shlong

We start off in Brooksville, where a graduating senior was barred from his commencement after he etched a giant penis into the graduation ceremony field.

How did the young whippersnapper do it?

Well, he used some weed killer on the grass a couple of weeks prior to the graduation. School officials tried to cover up the cock with some green paint…but yeah.

SOURCE: Gawker, Instagram

When Will Florida Learn?

Sometimes, titles mean everything. Over this Memorial Day Weekend, nearly 100 people were arrested in Polk County in a massive prostitution ring. The charges ranged from offering to commit lewd acts, to drug possession.

So what makes this story stand out? The sting was called “Operation When Will You Learn.”

Seriously, though, Florida, “When Will You Learn?”


Look Where You Walk

Be careful where you walk if you live in Winter Haven.

On Thursday, a sinkhole opened up in front of a supermarket called Winter Haven Square shopping center. The hole started slowly and eventually became massive by the end of the day, expanding to 85 feet wide and 18 feet deep.