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During an interview with People magazine released on Wednesday, Hillary Rodham Clinton said she has moved on from the Monica Lewinsky scandal that rocked the nation during husband Bill Clinton’s second term as president.

This is the first time Clinton has publicly addressed the recent resurfacing of the scandal, after Monica Lewinsky penned an essay in Vanity Fair last month about the Clinton affair and her life since then.

“I think everybody needs to look to the future. I’m about to become a grandmother, I want to live in the moment,” Hillary said. 

In the interview, Clinton talks about her life since leaving her job as Secretary of State. She’s indulging in yoga and aquatics, while binge-watching Netflix like the rest of us. Clinton said her Netflix guilty pleasure is of course, the Washington-based thriller House of Cards.

It’s definitely safe to say that Hillary has left the shenanigans in the past and is simply #unbothered with the whole ordeal.


SOURCE: New York Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images, Giphy