Minnie Mouse is getting a mini makeover ahead of Women’s History Month and Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary. Get more details inside.

Hulu's hit drama series, Handmaid's Tale, premiered four years ago today. Since the premiere, the series has brought up many conversations around misogyny, women's rights and female empowerment. Ahead of its' season 4 premiere, let's take a closer look inside the show and how it has impacted the way we view women.

“And by the way, without any musical instruments, I had much bigger crowds than he was drawing.”

A series of wax figures in Punjab had the Internet riled up over the weekend for their, shall we say, less than flattering resemblance to their real-life counterparts. At the Wax Museum in Ludhiana, 52 statues were unveiled on Sunday and some pictures were shared to social media. International figures like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, […]

It’s usually Kathy Griffin‘s intention to get a reaction out of her audience, but her recent photo-shoot struck the wrong kind of nerve for some of her fans. After being dragged for the gory photo of Donald Trump‘s bloody head in her hand, the comedian issued an apology via video, saying, “I moved the line, and […]

Let male emcees tell it, Hip Hop has always been a girl. Here's how Nicki and Remy are fighting to make her theirs now.

I crossed the border to México hours after Jaoquin “El Chapo” Guzman was extradited to the U.S. and hours before Donald “The Donald” Trump was sworn in as president. As I read the local newspaper Friday morning to brush up on my Español, I couldn’t help noticing the many parallels between my new country’s former […]

If The Donald is real enough to oblige, we have a few more musical suggestions that could help re-define his already tarnished presidency and maybe, just maybe, make America great for once.

From lawsuits to hospitalizations, these nine celebs had a pretty tough year. Check out our list of stars who took an L in 2016.