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If you want to get in good with the boys, you not only need to think like a man, you need to be able to understand the language of one too. Yes ladies, men may have minds of their own, but they’ve also managed to pretty much create their own language. After reading this, you’ll not only be bro-lingual, but ready for Think Like a Man Too on June 20th, when it hits the big screen.

Bruh: “Bruh” is a very simple word that has turned into a life of its own. If he’s calling you his “bruh,” it means that he’s comfortable enough to call you a friend or a homie. (Yes, women can be catapulted into the friend zone as well.) But more often than not, he’ll call his guy friends “bruh” or “bro.”

Chin Check: This has little to do with you. A chin check can happen while you guys are out and another guy is flirting with you. Sure, he is defending his woman, but stepping up also makes him look more manly.

Natch (or any other shorthand form of a word): Unlike “bruh,’’ he’s just being himself around you. He’s gotten comfortable with you, so much so that he shortens words like “naturally” to “natch.” Enjoy it so you can make fun of him later. “Natch…” really? 

Smash: This is just another way of saying doing the do, fornicating, or just doing it. You know what we mean. Never confuse this with making love. No worries, we’re sure you’ll know the difference. 

Lit: The term is just an easy way of saying what you’re currently doing is fun. If he’s with his friends at a bar or a club, you better believe he’s “lit.” Depending on the status of the guy, he could be hooking up with the hot girl at the disco or doing dumb things with his “bruhs.”

Eskimo Brothers: The term, which is derived from the cast of FX’s perfect guy comedy The League, means that if you happened to hook up with the same person your acquaintance, co-worker, or friend has hooked up with, you are Eskimo Brothers. You now have a responsibility of helping each other out with Yankees tickets, meeting other women, or just being there when your fellow Eskimo Bro needs a partner for GTA IV.

Jawn: This one is easy, it just means girl.

Ill: This one’s a little tricky. If your guy says something is “ill,” it doesn’t mean it’s come down with the flu, it’s more like saying a situation wasn’t handled right. If he says “Yo, that’s ill!” it just means “Yo, that’s ridiculous.” Or, “Yo, that’s crazy.” Or even “Seriously?”

B.M.: Unfortunately, “Baby Mother” is not only a term, it now has a widespread abbreviation.

Bad: When a guy describes you as “bad,” it’s actually a great thing. It means he thinks you’re sexy!


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