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What kind of 50 Cent comeback would it be without a little trolling?

The Animal Ambition rapper is currently making his media rounds to promote his brand new album, and while hip-hop fans are happy to have him back, he’s not leaving out Hollywood.

50 recently did his own remixed version for the trailer to the Maleficent movie that originally stars Angelina Jolie, and it might be even better, thanks to a hip-hop twist. Dressed in the full villain’s ensemble, the G-Unit frontman comes out of hiding in the forest and approaches Elle Fanning’s character to say “I been shot 9 times…I ain’t afraid of no little white girl!”

Check out the hilarious trailer above.

Game Of Thrones fans better get ready.

Have you ever watched an epic episode of the popular series and wished you could be one of the characters who dies off?

Well, you might be able to get your chance, as author George R.R. Martin is giving two fans the chance to be written into one of the stories and then killed off shortly later. The author set up a donation site to try and raise funds for the Santa Fe wolf sanctuary, and the winner must make a $20,000 donation in order to be up for the awesome prize.

According to, the donor will get to choose their “character’s station in the world” and he promises to give them a “grisly death.”

Would you give $20,000 to be killed off in Game Of Thrones?

Melissa McCarthy might now have her own styling team to get her glammed up for red carpets, but there was a point where it was hard to make that happen.

The 43-year-old comedienne recently talked about her struggles of being a plus-sized actress in Redbook Magazine, where she revealed that couldn’t get anyone to design a dress for her.

She told the magazine:

“Two Oscars ago, I couldn’t find anybody to do a dress for me.”

“I asked five or six designers,” she continued. “Very high-level ones who make lots of dresses for people, and they all said no.”

Her experiences have led Melissa to launch her own plus-sized clothing line, since her shopping experiences leave much to be desired:

“When I go shopping, most of the time I’m disappointed.”

You go girl.

After reports surfaced in March that Nick Carter was going to star in his own reality show, we finally get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

VH1’s new show, I Heart Nick Carter, follows the journey of the famous Backstreet Boy as he prepares to get married to his fiancée Lauren Kitt.

Check out the trailer above, and make sure you tune in for the premiere in September.