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For 25-year-old Karlesha Thurman, graduating from California State University, Long Beach was a rewarding gift not only for the hardworking student, but for her infant daughter as well.

Sadly, as it happens in this misogynistic society, many were offended and turned off by a photograph of the mother and daughter at the graduation ceremony — mainly because Thurman was breastfeeding her child.

And as with anything that sparks the smallest of conversations on the internet, things grew out of control. Like way out of control. Enter the patriarchal vitriol that implies women’s breasts are only to be sexualized by men and in a bedroom, not for the sustenance of a newborn.

Yep, that happened. And so did that “slut shaming” comment, which…whatever. Someone is so salty that grown people are out here having sex. But God forbid Thurman’s newborn baby needed to eat. Because as women who are only here for the pleasure of men, breasts outside of the bedroom are totally offensive.

We’ve been through the ridiculous breastfeeding shame before, but for Thurman, who is also a black woman, the shame of having agency of her own body is doubly offensive. We’ve been there before too. And frankly, you all need to get over it. Take a note from these other Twitter followers who used Thurman’s story for some positivity.

The good news? Thurman is unbothered with your fake outrage. On Facebook, she defended her decision to post the picture:

I found out I was pregnant my last year of college, had my daughter one week into my last semester, she was my motivation to keep going, so me receiving my BA was OUR moment, so glad I captured the moment and so glad you shared it with the world so thank you again.

Message here? Breastfeeding is normal. Breasts are normal. The things below, however, are not. Want to mad about what people do in public? Be mad at this:

That guy who masturbated on a Philadelphia bus full of people and children:

Sir. Go home. 

Or that couple having sex by an ATM machine…in public:

Sex isn’t a crime. Indecent exposure, however… 

Or this man who decided to masturbate in a library while holding a cucumber:

Self love should always be in private…and without perfectly good, phallic-shaped vegetables…

Fastening a newborn baby to the back of a wedding gown:



Because…irresponsible cultural appropriation…

Masturbating with food. Again…

Sir. What did this piece of Swiss cheese do to deserve this?



Picking your ear…and eating it:


Or your nose:

Like grow up. Seriously.

And dressing like this:

I hate everyone.

SOURCE: Facebook, Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Screengrab