As her mini-me hits her half-year milestone, Coco is letting us in on what motherhood has been like and how it's affected her relationship with Ice-T.

We’ve always adored the fact that Apryl Jones and Omarion‘s son Megaa is deliciously chubby and uber-cute, and now we know why. In a new Instagram post, his protective mama opened up about the fact that she breastfeeds the 6-month-old. Sitting in a tub, hair tied up and looking lovingly at her child, the reality TV star wrote: My […]

Two Tuskegee Airmen who fought bravely in World War II passed away on the same day, both at the age of 91. Clarence E. Huntley and Joseph Shambrey passed away on Jan. 5 in their L.A homes. In 1942, the two friends enlisted in the military, serving as mechanics who kept the combat planes up […]

Breastfeeding used to be a taboo thing no one discussed, but today’s celebrity moms are making the topic as trendy as the newest fashion craze. Olivia Wilde is the latest celebrity to cause a stir with her breastfeeding photo. In her spread for Glamour magazine, the actress posed with son Otis as she breastfed him in front of […]

You know what they say, you should never judge a book—or in this instance, a magazine—by its cover. Olivia Wilde graces the front page of Glamour magazine, and at first glance, it looks like all the other September issues hitting stands this month. Of course the blue-eyed beauty is a bombshell, but it’s what’s inside the […]

Earlier this month, Facebook changed its policy on nudity and obscenity to ensure that photos of breastfeeding won’t be flagged and removed from the site – even if a nipple is pictured. Activists have been pushing Facebook to address what they say is a double standard in the way they regulate explicit content. Although Facebook’s Community Guidelines […]

For 25-year-old Karlesha Thurman, graduating from California State University, Long Beach was a rewarding gift not only for the hardworking student, but for her infant daughter as well. Sadly, as it happens in this misogynistic society, many were offended and turned off by a photograph of the mother and daughter at the graduation ceremony — […]

Gisele Bundchen took multitasking to an entirely different level yesterday, when she posted a photo of herself getting dolled up by her glam squad as she breastfed her 1-year-old daughter Vivienne. We thought that was some boss shit to do – especially after a 15 hour flight and only 3 hours of sleep – and […]

Hair: Check.  Makeup: Check.  Manicure: Check. Breastmilk: Check! Gisele Bundchen is proving that she is indeed the supermodel mom we all imagined her to be. The highest paid model in the world uploaded a photo onto her Instagram that epitomized her ability to multi-task. In the photo, Gisele is breastfeeding her one-year-old daughter Vivienne while simultaneously […]