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There is seriously something in that swamp water in Florida. Megan Elizabeth Everett is now facing federal criminal charges after disappearing with her 2-year-old daughter in order to avoid getting her baby girl vaccinated. The 22-year-old also believed her daughter would brainwashed at school, and was afraid she might learn about Black history.

Megan Elizabeth Everett disappeared on May 6th after Robert Baumann — Lilly’s father — dropped her off at Megan’s home. Everett was supposed to return Lilly to her father within a week, in compliance with a shared custody agreement, but never showed up. She left a note to Lilly’s father:

“You are a great dad. If I let them take her and vaccinate her and brainwash her, I wouldn’t be doing what’s right. I cannot let a judge tell me how my daughter should be raised. We will miss you. But I had to leave.”

Officials issued a warrant for Everett’s arrest on May 19, detailing kidnapping charges, interference with custody, and concealing a minor contrary to a court order. She is also being accused of crossing state lines to avoid prosecution of the state charges.

Pam Everett, Everett’s mom, spoke on the incident:

In the state of mind my daughter is in, Lily would be better off with Robert. I have four kids, and Megan is my baby. I don’t know what happened to her.

Both Megan and Lilly lived with Pam until Megan became involved with a man by the name of Carlos Lesters, at which point she severed ties with the family. Court documents describe Lesters as a racist and gun enthusiast.

Robert Baumann had plans on vaccinating his daughter and enrolling her in preschool next time he had custody.

“One of the issues we had was, she wanted to home-school my daughter. I didn’t want that to happen. She didn’t want Lilly to learn about black history. She just wanted her to learn about the Confederacy.” … “She found this new idea that vaccines are horrible. I think she wanted to keep her from being vaccinated because that would keep her out of day care.”

Sunrise police went to one of Megan’s old address after Lilly’s disappearance, where they found Lesters. Lesters told the police that Everett and her daughter were gone and “not coming back.” The federal criminal complaint states:

“Lesters informed detectives that Everett … knew she would have to live her life as a fugitive. However, in her mind, the time that she spent with her daughter ‘free’ of Baumann would be ‘worth it,’ regardless of how brief the time was.”

Everett and Lilly are still missing. We pray for their family.

Source: Gawker   PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images