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Chris Brown is enjoying his freedom just a couple of weeks after being released from jail.

Breezy can now indulge in the simple things, like hitting the studio, playing basketball, and making artwork – all of which he may have taken for granted before he headed for the slammer for violating his probation.

Last night, Brown took to Instagram to show his reaction to the San Antonio Spurs winning the 2014 NBA Championship against the Miami Heat. He posted the photo above, with the caption:

My reaction to the finals!!! Damn bruh!

It seems as though Breezy is spending his free time getting back to one of his favorite pastimes besides basketball – drawing.

He posted the pic above of one of his many drawings. The kid has talent.

Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche was also enjoying a relaxing Sunday. She posted the above photo hugging her niece with the caption:

“My crazy munchkin.”

Let’s hope the couple can enjoy even more productive down time together before Chris’s upcoming trial.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

Chris Brown’s Welcome Home Celebration (PHOTOS)
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