To celebrate the releases of Barbie and Oppenheimer, check out a gallery of some of previous instances where two huge films were released on the same day.

Today (May 2), the Tribeca Festival announced the actors, performers, artists, and entertainers that will headline its' Talks & Reunion series which begins June 8. Click inside to learn more.

Protect your cool this Summer and don't be out here doing these things!

It’s official. Dwyane Wade has returned to the Miami Heat after a week of confusing trade talk regarding the Cleveland Cavaliers. Wade has been very open about the fact that he wants to retire in Miami, where he played since 2003 before heading to Chicago in 2016 and Cleveland the following year. Now he can […]

A 5-year-old Arkansas boy died Monday after he was left in a day care van all day. West Memphis Police say that the boy may have been asleep when the van arrived at the daycare early Monday and never got off the van, which remained in the parking lot. According to authorities, the van for […]

The Miami Heat star shared a series of Snapchats from bed as he cuddled next to his wife Gabby after attending Public School’s fashion show in New York.

Chris Brown is enjoying his freedom just a couple of weeks after being released from jail. Breezy can now indulge in the simple things, like hitting the studio, playing basketball, and making artwork – all of which he may have taken for granted before he headed for the slammer for violating his probation. Last night, Brown took to Instagram […]