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Lil Wayne goes hard for his Young Money affiliates.

After YM’s Lil Twist revealed to Wayne that Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun labeled him a “bad influence” and wanted him out of Justin’s house, Wayne went on attack mode. He even threatened to put Scooter’s words on his own tombstone.

In a video posted by Wayne last month, he expressed his ill feeling toward Braun:

“I heard this bitchass n***a Scooter talking s*** about Twist,” he said.

But according to TMZ, the beef is old news and has officially been squashed. Sources tell the site that both men chalked up the beef to a huge misunderstanding and that Lil Twist may have exaggerated Braun’s words.

No one knows what really went down, but at least Lil Wayne doesn’t have to lose his newfound cool with Bieber’s camp like he did at Floyd Mayweather’s most recent fight. 


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