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This will make you think twice about ordering a salad from Burger King…or anything for that matter.

An Arizona woman eating at a local Burger King on Wednesday claims she found a razor in her roughage. Jennifer Ashley even has the photos to prove her dinner was pretty dangerous (see above). After spotting the razor, Ashley immediately showed the manager at a Flagstaff branch of the fast-foot chain.

Burger King says an employee admitted the blade left on a shelf accidentally fell into a tub of lettuce. The company says razor blades are not allowed in or near food preparation areas.

The employee has since been fired.

Ashley says she received a refund and a free salad. She says she doesn’t plan to press charges. She just wants people to be aware of what they are eating, even in a restaurant.

Looks like we’ll be cooking dinner at home for a while.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Screengrab

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